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Shot List
(to be translated)
N: I met this new girl at class. We became instant best friends.  And ... fuck.  
N: I don't know why I did what I did ... I fucked it up.  
How could I have misunderstood the whole situation so badly?
N: We dreamed of running away, living together. Just the two of us.
Every time I feel good, I realize I'm with her. Or thinking of her.
A: Dying is easy, living is the hard part.
A: I’ve got to get out of this hell hole.
N: Can I kiss you?
A: I want you to want to kiss me so bad you don't even ask.
A: Do you want me?
N: Yeah. I want you.
N: I love you.
A: Love you too.
A: Runaway with me.
N: Let's get outta here.
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