There's a beat, a smell, a palpable verve about Tbilisi these days. The post-Soviet Republic of Georgia is set to be the fastest growing economy in Eastern Europe according to the IMF, EBRD and ADB.  And it's vivacious capital, Tbilisi, is primed to be the benefactor of this heady growth.  Georgia has a unique history of its own.  It’s perhaps the most stubbornly confounding place I know.  For millennia, sandwiched between vastly contrasting cultures: Russians, Turks, Persians, it's somehow managed to hold on to its distinctive and timeless identity.  ​​​​​​But the post-Soviet challenge requires Georgia to reinvent itself.  I meet some of the young creatives making the most of the opportunities and heralding Tbilisi in as Europe's "New Berlin".  
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