tbilisi photo
TBILISI, formerly Tiflis, the Post-Soviet capital of the republic of Georgia, on the Mtkvari River at the cross-section of the Trialeti and Kartli Caucasian mountain ranges, was founded in 458.  The city once had a strategic role controlling the trade route between western and eastern Transcaucasia.  Today, few cities are as gleefully chaotic as Tbilisi, an eclectic mix of old and modern, a sprawling city with a population of 1.1 million, frenetic yet peaceful, wild yet civilized, a truly living and intoxicating contradiction.
Tbilisi Photo is managed by a multinational collective of photographers based in the city and covering the South Caucasus states of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.  Together, we have served the BBC, Business Insider, CNN, CNBC, NatGeo, NY Times, RFE/RL, VOA amongst other clients and speak English, Danish, French, German, Russian and the local languages.  You can reach us via the contact form below, we look forward to collaborating with you to bring the myriad local and regional stories to life.
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